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I'm a writer, first and foremost.  Below are the works in various stages of availability.  Please stay tuned for more information on release dates.



This is the second collection of sellected poetry.  

This collection was a direct result of a lot of emotional self-examination when life simply wasn’t going my way.  Someone told me that reading this poetry was like pressing the last bits of toothpaste out of a bent and twisted tube; that it tricked the reader into re-seeing the perspective of their life view.  All I can hope for is some small change within the reader, to assist in shifting well-worn paradigms of habitual thought.  Perhaps you will find a key that opens a door within your mind to see the relationship between your inner and outer world differently. 


88 Poems  78 pages

The Dragon Queen


Its two generations since Rhianna was crowned as the Dragon Queen and ruler of war torn Blakomia.  Semenwy is the great granddaughter of Rhianna, the Red Witch.  Blakomia is on the verge of civil war yet again.  When her most trusted ally betrays everything the Dragon Queen stands for and steals the gem of souls, it is up to Semenwy and Drohn, the other half of the Dragon Soul, to stop Manses evil plans.  


This is near completion.  Once the Red Witch is released, the Dragon Queen will follow.

The Golden Pyramid


​Draek Combalent is working his way to his dream job in the Golden Pyramid Solar Power company.  He has everything anyone could ever hope for; a beautiful wife, a challenging job, friends that care for him.  Or does he?  A victim of circumsstances and betrayal, he loses everything he thought was importent.  When he discovers the mysterious world of the Mud People, a band of regressed savages that turned away from the modern world centuries before, he finds a larger world exists beyond the Golden Pyramid, one he never dreamed could be possible.  Yet he could lose everything again as the tech world of the Golden Pyramid collides with the spiritually evoloved Mud People and he is the only one who can save them.


A work in progress.  Watch for its release.  

The Red Witch


Rhianna never knew why the dreams never stopped, she only knew she could not find peace until they did.  All the answers could be found in the dark Kingdom of Midforest, where witches dared not go; those who did never returned.  So she did the only thing a witch could do; she went anyway, despite the warnings from her elders.  To her dismay, she discovers truths and secrets beyond even her wildest imagination.  Forced to defend herself and her kind in a war she never knew existed, Rhianna discovers the true meaning of faith and friendship after a wolf inexplicably saves her life..  


The Four Seasons


Originally published in 2003, this collection of selected poetry was my first brought forward for public sharing.  All verse included are of profoundly personal quality, about deeply personal issues.  My intent is to share the joy of expression in all realms and dimensions of feeling and experience.  The cover art was made for this book by Saffire.

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